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AMA RIFF Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

#17 If you want to win in business in 2021 and beyond… you’re going to need to know LinkedIn. It’s such a powerful tool why wouldn’t you want to use it more effectively to get more leads, build your brand, find the job you want?


And all it takes is about 15-20 minutes a couple of times a week! 


But here’s...

Aug 31, 2021

Today I’m talking with Chris Ertel. Chris is a brand and creative strategist. He focuses on providing the key insights needed to help brands stand out in this hyper-competitive environment we all find ourselves in. 


I love this topic. Love talking about this and digging in because branding is such an important piece...

Aug 17, 2021

This is a first for AMA RIFF because we are talking sales.


In this episode, we sit down with Michelle Myrter. Michelle is a sales coach, trainer, entrepreneur and B.A.N.K. expert. 


Wouldn’t it be great to understand, almost immediately, the type of person you are dealing with? Like any person. New friend....

Aug 10, 2021

Here’s my sit-down with brand strategist extraordinaire, Kate DiLeo. Kate is also the founder and CEO of Ennobble


What does she do? Well, one look at her website and you know right away: She builds brands that win more work!


I love that. Simple. Clear. And to the point.


And she does this by focusing on three...

Jul 20, 2021

Richard Hanson is the Marketing Manager at Children’s Wisconsin.

For those not familiar with this organization...Children’s is dedicated to the health and well-being of children. It’s a cool organization and Richard is a key member of their marketing team. 


In this interview we riff on: 


👉 The state of...